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An introduction to the symbols of Slots

The basis of any slot game is its symbols. If you’re brand new to the game, you may be confused about the symbols you should keep an eye on or what you can do to win online slots and leave with smiling faces. Learn all you should know about the Slots symbols.


In the early 1900s, world of Slots was undergoing a dramatic shift, with cash prizes being made illegal. Thus, a new generation of gaming machines appeared on the scene of gambling, sporting fruity symbols , such as the now iconic cherries, plums, lemons and watermelon. The reason behind the introduction of these fruits into games was to tie them to the latest wave of prizes being launched, which included fruit-flavored chewing gum and sweets in place of the cash banned.

Playing Cards

Card symbols are an integral part of Slots from the beginning. They first appeared on Sittman along with Pitt’s device in 1891. The machine consisted of the Poker deck. The only method to win was to form with a successful Poker hand. This deck was placed in five drums, before spinning. Then it was decided that the Jack of Hearts and 10 of Spades were taken out casino88, which reduced the odds of getting an Royal Flush, as it was decided that the game should be a bit more difficult.

In the present the playing cards are often the lowest paying symbols in every online casino. They’ve remained an integral component of every game and we are sure that they will remain exactly that.

Horseshoes and BAR

Charles Augustus Fey created the next machine to be successful,”the Liberty Bell, which introduced an entirely new method of gamble in the latter 19th century. It was a machine that Liberty Bell featured three reels and five different symbols, including the playing cards and the horseshoe. Horseshoes are considered to be an indicator of luck, and it was likely to inject some positive energy to the slot.

The BAR symbol followed closely appearing on fruit machines along with the lucky 7, bringing gamers one step closer winning the jackpot.


Naturally that when you play any slot game, there is some theme as well as the icons will form the main element to bring the theme to life. If, for instance, the game is an Egyptian themed slot, you might see ankhs pyramids, and scarabs spinning on the reels.


It’s a unique symbol that has the ability to substitute for other symbols in the game. If you’ve hit two of a basic symbol, and the third reel is filled with a different symbol Instead of losing the winning combination it can be spun through and complete that winning trio. The only thing the wild can’t take over is the scatter. This is what we’ll get to in the next.

Scatter The scatter is often the main factor in gaining access to bonus rounds of any slot. If you can get three or more and an array of multipliers or free spins are yours. Similar to any other symbol on the game the scatter symbol will be a reflection of the theme of the slot.

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